The Importance of Cybersecurity to the Legal Profession and Outsourcing as a Best Practice – Part Two

e-Discovery Team ®

Attorney_client_data-protection This is part two of this article. Please read part one first .

4. Risk. Risks of error are inherent in Lit-Support Department activities. What they do is often complex and technical, just like any e-discovery vendor. So too are risks of data breach. There is always a danger of hacker intrusions. Just ask Target.

Do you know what your exposure is for a data breach? What damages could be caused by the accidental loss or disclosure of your client’s e-discovery data? How many terabytes of client data are you holding right now? How much of that is confidential? What if there is an ESI processing error? What if attorney-client emails were not processed and screened properly?

_data_breach_cost_by_typeMistakes can happen, especially when a law firm is operating outside of its core competency. What if an error requires a complete re-do of a project? What will that cost the firm? You cannot…

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