Growing Importance of Non-Litigation Services in Electronic Discovery Law

e-Discovery Team ®

war-and-peace On a high level the practice of e-discovery law is divided into two different types of services, litigation and non-litigation. That is also the way most law firms are divided. It’s like War and Peace. The more traditional e-discovery legal services are those involved with litigation. But there are also e-discovery legal services that are outside of litigation. Most are concerned with preparation for litigation and production demands, to be sure. But they are not part of any suits or subpoenas. I refer to these non-litigation services as  litigation readiness services, primarily because I have spent my professional life on the War side. I am a career litigator, and so tend to see everything from that perspective.

Observation and Prediction

ranking_graphWith this duality in mind I can share an observation. In the past decade there has been tremendous growth in all types of legal services in electronic discovery law. But…

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