Good Questions!

Ball in your Court

A Peep into our Mail BagDigging into the digital mail bag (there’s a skeuomorph for you), I received a series of thoughtful questions from a reader ready to dip his toes into the bracing waters of native production but harboring some of the same nagging concerns others raise when they ponder how to integrate native production into workflows born of legacy paper processes.

Here were the questions:

What is the exact difference between native and near-native?  My big concern with producing natively is from what I’v’e read about the risks related to metadata/privilege and how to go about using native data at depositions and in court.  Are those concerns that can be dealt with simply?  Finally, how do you go about producing natively?  I presume by uploading data to an ftp site for the parties to access?  Are there other ways?

I replied:

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